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    Cone Incense : Unfolding the fragrance of Himalayan Nature. Cone Incense offering benefits all sentient beings that are vast as space. The smoke offering made to the three jewels, all the protector deities, guest of three classes and spirits cleanses karmic debt averts temporary obstacles such as sickness and harmful influences, inauspicious signs in dreams and all type of evil omens, pacifies the forces that bring us impurity and obstructions.

    The offering practices helps us attracting fortune, attain long life, increase the field of power and influence, accumulate merits, virtues and wisdoms. It completely removes the negative forces that obstruct spiritual attainment, bring us temporary happiness and ultimate enlightenment.

    Ingredients : Nutmeg, Green Cardamom, Black Cardamom, Cinnamon, Liquorice, Red Sandal Wood, White Sandal Wood, Myrabloen, Indian Gooseberry, Honey, Camphor, Saffron, Pang Poi, Agar-wood, Chu Pol, Khenkar, Balu Sulu, Chugang, Manu Ruta and etc.

    Per pack : 55- 60 cones 

    Burning time : Approximately 15mins/cone

    Description: This incense is manufactured under the strict Buddhist tradition method and most hygienic environment in the kingdom of Bhutan.
    Bhutan, known as “menjong” meaning the valley of medicines in the Buddhist world is situated in the eastern Himalayas. The country is rich in herbal medicines. The incenses is manufactured strictly according to Buddhist tradition and requires over 30 different rare herbal species.
    The burning of this aromatic incense not only pleases the deities but also have a soothing effect on the human beings. The lingering aromatic of the incense makes homes, monasteries, offices and the other places like the abode of gods.

    About the producer.
    Lhawang drizang incense factory is based in wangdi phodrang district.Sonam Tobgay is the person behind the incense factory which was started by his father in 1998. Lhawang drizang means “pure and good fragrance “ in Dzongkha( Bhutanese language).
    The incense uses a varieties of rhododendrons, nutmegs, cinnamons, honey, tree resins( poe kar) ruda plants, Gooseberry, saffron and juniper as the main base and also uses natural dies. All together over 30 different raw materials are used to manufacture the sticks.